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Hi everyone.

I was amazed by number and quality of comments to my post. Although, Alec told us that he will “spread a word” it was a surprise.

Great THANKS to everybody. Tweeter account is opened and Alec is being followed (so far Alec only, Tweeter found him in my Google contacts) but it will get better as I will get better at tweeting and follow your advises.

Couple observations about Tweeter users; they are compassionate and persuasive. They never sleep; I have received comments at night and early morning (time-difference cannot be blamed for all of them). And they love tweeter (it almost sounds as a religion, in a good sense)




  1. Glad the twitterverse helped to inform and inspire you. It will only get better as we get deeper into the course.

  2. Yeah it’s amazing isn’t it I started on twitter earlier this year as part of a course of study and became addicted. I use it now for research sharing info and great links and have accessed some great ideas and papers this way. Good luck

  3. I was a bit skeptical of Twitter at first, but it has truly changed me as an educator by allowing me to draw upon the expertise of others from around the world.

  4. A Twitter religion. Hmmmmm. 140 character sermons? Awesome. 🙂 I’m certainly “addicted”, but it really did take some time. Started by watching for awhile. Then responded to a few tweets. I still tend to be fairly quiet – but am working on sharing more. It’s changed how I learn for the better!

  5. Sounds like you are off to a good start. I think everyone has an initial feeling out period with Twitter. Welcome.

  6. 🙂 I have found the same to be true, I often wonder when those I follow on Twitter manage to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom! It seems to be a constant flowing stream. I do love the passion and learning that happens on Twitter!

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