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According to Sir Ken Robinson we (teachers) are killing creativity and feeding students with useless junk. Sometimes, usually by 4:00PM I begin to agree with his views…

I don’t know how new education system will work but I see that educational system that I’m part of barely does what it’s supposed to do.

School must give students necessary skills for the real world, although, following current tendencies, our students will live in a rapidly changing world, everything that is important now might not make any sense in the future. Latin and Greek, Bible Studies and other “whales” of yesterday’s education lost its significance. New subjects appeared and evolved and will probably vanish in future.

What is the role of school in our society?

Academic institution, extension of government or religious institutions, adopted family, babysitting service …



  1. Stepan,
    I’d love to hear your speculate yourself on projecting the role of school in society in terms of what you have learned/read so far in the class.

  2. Considering the role of school in society is a huge topic – you might find it more manageable to narrow down the question a bit and ask “What is the role I want to play as an educator in a technological society?

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