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During this course I had to sacrifice confidence in my ability to adopt to new technologies .

Thanks to my experience and education (I am certified Microsoft professional, MCP, Servers and Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNA) any new gadget: computer, Smart Board, application or service, quickly became simple and easy to use. So, since September, I’ve been waiting for the feeling of familiarity, and waiting, and waiting…

Instead, I’d realized that technology or mathematical logic (I am a high school math teacher) has nothing to do with social networking proficiency. On the contrary, they kept me away from understanding it.

I often see:

users as IP addresses;

communities as active directory domains;

posts, and messages as well as tweets as groups of pockets with certain number of ones and zeros.

I do exaggerate a bit, but overall picture is accurate.

“The PLN thing has gotten out of hand” by Lisa M Lane has helped to understand idea of PLN, although I wasn’t turned off by technicality, perhaps wasn’t stimulated enough by technical aspect of it. Great post, I hope to be able to get Lisa’s skills’ level one day…

So far, I am trapped  in Web 1.99999… (good name for a post)



  1. I haven’t read Lisa’s post yet. What your blog triggered for me was the disconnect between school division IT and school division educators who use technology to teach and learn. Perhaps somehow in your grad work you could work on some kind of language or method of communication so the IT and the educators could productively dialogue WITH each other.

    Just a thought.

    • I suppose it will take more than that. I recall recommendation from the textbook on dealing with clients’ needs (users of network or software that is produced or managed). It goes something like that:”Try to step into clients shoes by asking right questions and following their usual routine.”
      I have never seen IT personal asking questions or observing education process, and usually, they know very little about education. They “serve” equipment, not teachers…

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