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Last week session turned up to be very positive and valuable experience. I would like to thank our fellow students for great performance.

Display of themes and brevity of presentations made it easy to talk about numerous topics in a short time. This type of presentations has its advantages:
• Fits attention span “time brackets”
“Most healthy teenagers and adults are unable to sustain attention on one thing for more than   about 20 minutes at a time, although they can choose repeatedly to re-focus on the same thing”.(Wikipedia)
TED Talks is probably the best example. Jamie Forrest wrote about it in My Own TED Experience

• Evaluation of newly obtained knowledge is highly rated by educators; Bloom’s Taxonomy places it at the top level.
Recommended article ‘The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching’ presents interesting points when examines learning through teaching.

I might test this concept myself soon enough; I was asked to plan for a presentation, introducing teachers to new technologies in the classroom.
(I am only teacher with a Smart Board in a class, and two new ones are in their boxes since beginning of the school year, seems like its instructional value is not recognized. It took couple of reminders to bring this issue to a discussion.)
I am planning on including WEB 2.0 tools into my presentation. Hopefully development of presentation material will help me to complete my own puzzle.


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  1. You will have the chance for a short presentation by the last day of class. 🙂

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