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Time to draw the line under this course, and compare initial expectations with final results.

But first a disclaimer:

EC&I 831 course can activate one’s self-analyzing mechanisms and shook some previously unchanged foundations in addition to periodical doubts as to aptness of one’s life course (carrier, principals and believes). It is highly recommended to consult your career adviser or/and psychiatrist!

Expectation 1: Create a “map” of all the new technologies and tendencies on the web and around it.

Outcome 1: Although we have bumped into enormous amount of information and absorbed it,  I haven’t seen the light in the end of the virtual tunnel. It is like in the Alice’s story; you have to run just to stay in the same place.

Expectation 2: Create “web place” for all subject I teach and implement them starting next semester.

Outcome 2: Moodle pages for next semester are in the process of creation as well as one page for this semester has couple freshly brewed units to test.

Expectation 3: Get a preview of graduation courses to come

Outcome 3: I hope that next graduation courses will be less stressful. I’ve always felt outside of my comfort zone. (I guess it was planed that way by evil professor)

Expectation 4: Impress people with my outstanding knowledge and skills in information and computer fields.

Outcome 4: Complete disaster, my previous knowledge was often outdated and completely useless …

Unexpected Outcomes:

  • Participation in the course has generated completely new ideas (not just new ways and tools to get “there”, but completely new “there”). Ideas ranged from participating in “Movember” movement all the way to fighting corruption, among bureaucrats of the town I was born in. (I am working on the wiki, where people who were pressured to give a bribe can report it to the public with culprit’s name and position)
  • Understanding, that intellectual riches and systems are not any longer created under roofs of Universities or Ministries, but born in the “cloud” of hard working volunteers. People that are not paid to produce academic materials, generate more of it then paid professionals. (Wikipedia type)
  • Feeling of inevitability of change in education as well as in the society echoed by  one of our presenters Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach in her blog  No Limits” While traditional access and availability issues remain at the heart of creating equity, some experts say an emergent type of social divide is surfacing. Howard Rheingold, in his recent book Smart Mobs, asserts that “a new kind of digital divide exists, one that 10 years from now will separate those who know how to use new media to band together online from those who don’t.”
  • Obvious practicality of new tools, presented brilliantly by another one of our presenters Zoe Branigan-Pipe; 12 hours later   her practices nad ideas where used in my class with little or no difficulties.
  • I have come to the conclusion, that my course-mates are kind and bright people, their blogs supported me during times  of despair (somehow, knowing that somebody else has similar dilemmas or difficulties made them manageable), and became golden mine for ideas and practical devices.



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  1. Hi Stepan..I have to agree with you about how this course took me to a “completely new there” I set out to learn more about online learning and using technology in the classroom and somewhere along the way I began to understand what it means to be a connected learner and I am never going to be the same again.

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