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One of my goals for this course was to create website with pages for every subject I teach, starting next semester. I had no idea how to get there, which platform to use and how much to expect from this site. Quest had begun quiet some time ago. Initial idea was to construct the website “from scratch; I have even begun to read C+ books. Soon realization came that amount of learning this project may take will never justify basic and dull final product.

I heard about Moodle and Wiki, but didn’t know enough to adopt them for my task (after taking this course I can do it with ether one of them). So in the beginning of this course I had no clue where to start.

During this course ideas and skills started to accumulate slowly but surely, and breakthrough came about a month ago,  when I’ve recalled conversation with Kelly Haydukewich from We’ve met during teacher’s conference in Prince Albert past October. So about month ago i’ve phoned and had a conversation with Ted Green (accidentally he was “present” during previous ECI 831 session). Half an hour later I had a Moodle account (Sand Box to play) and promise of full support.

I’ve downloaded the “Moodle for Idiots” type book from Moodle Website and started…

Another breakthrough came a week ago, I’ve met Kelly during ”in serves” for math and science teachers in La Rounge.  We have skipped couple presentations talking about new technologies, tools and ideas. During that time Ted (over the Skype) and Kelly submerged me in to Moodle more than I could dream off (talking about PLN).

So here is my Moodle page for Math B-30 how student see it.

I’ve started with embedded videos, that made page-loading slower…

I have changed it to links…

here are some pros and cons:

It takes students away from the page, and the lesson, but they can get better-quality video from original website, as well as loading time improved, and you know how patient our students are…

And here is Teacher’s and Administrator’s view:

All these icons and menus make it easy to manipulate with materials.

So here is Link to the site, you can log in as a guest.

It is still under construction and will need so much time in the future and it definitely worth it.

It isn’t fully on-line-course; it is more “system backup”.  Attendance is very important issue in northern communities. Students are missing couple classes due to family tasks or cultural activities and are coming back to meet complexity of getting new material and doing “trouble-shutting” on the missed one. It is often leads to dropout.

I hope this site will help students to keep up to date with a class even if they miss a class or two. In addition it might be great remediation and two-way communication tool.

From now on I am going to use it. It looks like logical way to go…


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