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“In biological terms, a community is a group of interacting species sharing a populated environment. In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness.”

“Since the advent of the Internet, the concept of community no longer has geographical limitations, as people can now virtually gather in an online community and share common interests regardless of physical location.”

It is hard task to define what a Community is and what isn’t. Sometimes people live in the same building or the same flat but belong to different communities; on another hand some people live half-globe apart but belong to the same one. (I have seen doctors, scientist, and young anti-globalists from different countries talking about common subjects for hours without even knowing each other’s names.)

Internet represents groups and clusters of groups united by same ideas, goals, interests or even social deformities.

Internet and social media tools do not change what we are; it just simplifies communication and connects us.  Question is how simplicity and affordability can affect outcomes and influence of these communities?


Hi everyone.

I was amazed by number and quality of comments to my post. Although, Alec told us that he will “spread a word” it was a surprise.

Great THANKS to everybody. Tweeter account is opened and Alec is being followed (so far Alec only, Tweeter found him in my Google contacts) but it will get better as I will get better at tweeting and follow your advises.

Couple observations about Tweeter users; they are compassionate and persuasive. They never sleep; I have received comments at night and early morning (time-difference cannot be blamed for all of them). And they love tweeter (it almost sounds as a religion, in a good sense)


Second session is over. Wow! So much useful information. It needs time to familiarize with. Ahead are countless hours of practice and research, but it will pay back. Value of tools presented tonight is obvious. For example, sharing documents, questionnaires, and quizzes can help in my classroom. Attendance is a serious problem in many northern schools; absences produce luck of knowledge and skills and that spirals into absence… Hopefully, connecting students to the class from their homes can break this cycle. One of my goals during this course will be to create course (subject) sites or pages and use appropriate tools to make process of education easier and more effective.

About some other tools:

Google reader and docs might be great timesavers. Delicious hmmm … don’t know yet, needs practice.

Tweeter doesn’t look that hot, sounds like chat site or celebrity following site, but I never used it, all information is coming from secondary sources. Will try and see.

What are your thoughts?   If you have links to good high school courses WebPages, or you have an idea where to start, Please Help, and do not hesitate to ask for any help or advise.

Let’s start practicing…

Hi everyone.

Finally blog-creation is over. It took me more than 5 minutes, because I tried to install WordPress software instead.

I am glad to have colleagues from around the world participating in this course; we will enjoy and take advantage of diversity in experience and views …

Talk to you next meeting…

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